Spank HEX J-TYPE Boost E-Plus Rear Hub - Laufradnaben
Spank HEX J-TYPE Boost E-Plus Rear Hub – Laufradnaben
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Spank HEX J-TYPE Boost E-Plus Rear Hub – Laufradnaben

199,99 inkl. MwSt.

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Specifically developed for electric mountain bike (MTB) riding, this Boost spaced rear hub provides smooth and reliable performance for a wide range from riding disciplines from all mountain (AM), to enduro and downhill (DH) racing. It features a durable alloy hub body that’s been put through a CNC optimising and forging process, which shaves off any unnecessary material while still maintaining maximum strength. As a result, it provides a fantastic balance of toughness and strength, without any weight penalty. Spank has also equipped this E-bike-specific version with a steel axle to handle the increased speed, torque and power that’s produced by electric bike motors. To top it off, the brand gave it a matte anodised finish for extra protection against corrosion during wetter riding conditions, while its laser logos give it a sleek look that complements your ride. Boost Spacing and 6-bolt Disc Brake Ready Engineered for the demands of today’s riders, this rear hub comes kitted out with boost spacing to match perfectly with 12x148mm compatible modern E-MTB frames. This allows it to provide stiff and dependable performance as you carve your way around the mountain. Another benefit is its 6-bolt disc brake compatibility, which allows you to enjoy powerful and consistent braking, wherever your next ride takes you. Coming complete with an advanced seal system and high-grade bearings, the Spank HEX J-TYPE Boost E-Plus Rear Hub also improves the prevention of bearing/drive system contamination, further increasing its longevity.   Technologies: – SPANK’s HEX DRIVE 102T technology delivers 3.5° engagement, for almost instant pickup. – 6 independent pawls with 3 steps per pawl, work in unison, meaning 18 engagement points per click. – Bite-Block Alloy HG and XD Freehub bodies resist damage from cassettes without the weight penalty of steel. – Unique flange design reduces dish requirement and minimises tension range between drive side and non-drive side spokes. – Advanced seal system improves prevention of bearing/drive system contamination.

Marke: Spank

Artikelnummer: 107850883

EAN: 4711225691473

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Farbe: Purple / Größe: Boost 148mm Shim HG