ProTaper MTB Aluminum Handlebar - Riser-Lenker
ProTaper MTB Aluminum Handlebar – Riser-Lenker
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ProTaper MTB Aluminum Handlebar – Riser-Lenker

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Whether you’re shredding your local trails with your riding buddies or exploring new mountain routes on your own, this trail-ready mountain bike (MTB) handlebar is engineered for performance. It features a hard-wearing 7050 aluminium build, which makes it tough and durable as you weave your way from trail to trail. ProTaper has also kitted it out with an 810mm width with cut marks, which provide a range of width options from 810mm to 740mm if you want to cut it to size. With four degrees upsweep and eight degrees backsweep, it offers comfortable geometry for fast and fun rides, while also keeping you in control. Available in two different finish options to choose from including race-inspired graphics or a subtle stealth version, this model is perfect for breathing new life into your steering set-up. From day one, ProTaper have never stopped pushing the limits of metallurgy and FEA. While the ProTaper MTB aluminium bars have evolved over the years, one thing has remained the same: The brand’s original ProTaper concept remains: Thicker at the clamping area, tapered down in low-stress sections. Manufacturer’s Part Numbers: 301-36181-C103 Stealth 31.8mm 810mm 25.4mm Rise 301-36811-C001 Black & Yellow 35mm 810mm 25.4mm Rise 301-36811-C101 Stealth 35mm 810mm 25.4mm Rise 301-36181-C102 Stealth 31.8mm 810mm 12.7mm Rise 301-36810-C001 Black & Yellow 35mm 810mm 12.7mm Rise 301-36810-C101 Stealth 35mm 810mm 12.7mm Rise 301-36181-C105 Stealth 31.8mm 810mm 76.2mm Rise 301-36181-C101 Stealth 31.8mm 810mm Flat

Marke: ProTaper

Artikelnummer: 105508403

EAN: 844171074992

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Farbe: Stealth / Größe: 31.8mm 810mm 76.2mm