Alé Glass Bib Shorts – Trägershorts
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Alé Glass Bib Shorts – Trägershorts

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Before the harsher weather of deep winter bites or for cooler spring cycling days, the Glass Bib Shorts make a lot of sense. With their legs in luxurious fleece-backed Super Roubaix fabric, you can be confident of enjoying warm and supple muscles as temperatures fall away. Meanwhile, the mesh upper body allows you to tailor warmth via your base layer while offering excellent moisture control. Worn as is, or with knee warmers or leg warmers, the Glass shorts offer a versatile option for autumn, spring and even milder winter days. Inside the shorts, you’ll find Ale’s 4HF seat pad offering luxurious comfort for all your rides. It’s constructed from elastic micro-fibre with padding strategically positioned in the contact points and features a central relief channel to avoid stress on nerve endings. For the best comfort and support high-density 8mm deep 90 kg/cm2 padding is used where it’s most needed in the ischiadic and perineal zones. This pad gives the very best combination of comfort, wicking, breathability and is also incredibly fast drying to ensure the utmost comfort on the saddle.

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