Sportful Women's Total Comfort Tight - Radhosen
Sportful Women’s Total Comfort Tight – Radhosen
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Sportful Women’s Total Comfort Tight – Radhosen

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During the coldest days of winter, with temperatures plunging, the Women’s Total Comfort Waist Tights ensure you remain perfectly warm when you get out on your bike and enjoy racking up your training miles. It’s the heavyweight brushed fabric Sportful use that does the job of keeping body heat held firmly inside and the cold kept out. Around the waist, Sportful have upgraded comfort via perforating the brushed fabric, ensuring perfect heat regulation and extra breathability. And of course, the waist tight designs makes for easier natural breaks too.  On wetter days, the NoRain fabric over the shins and calves prevents road spray from causing discomfort. This water-resistance extends to the raw-cut leg ending too. For ease of entry and exit, the ankles feature ankle zips while improved reflective details across the calves keep you more visible during those longer, darker evenings and mornings of winter. Women’s Total Comfort Seat Pad One area that has remained untouched from previous versions is the Women’s Total Comfort seat pad. With continuously variable closed-cell urethane foam, of up to 18 mm in thickness, it provides the highest level of support and vibration absorption. Every detail of the pad has a singular focus on comfort, eliminating chafing and keeping the seat pad dry as you build up body heat.

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