Sportful Women's Total Comfort Shorts - Radshorts
Sportful Women’s Total Comfort Shorts – Radshorts
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Sportful Women’s Total Comfort Shorts – Radshorts

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The latest generation Women’s Total Comfort Shorts retain all the comfort of their predecessors but Sportful have improved the cut to make them fit better than ever. This new tailoring has also allowed for fewer seams and fewer seams mean there’s now reduced friction to eliminate chafing when pedalling. Lightly compressive fabric supports your hard-working muscles and being highly breathable too, you’ll remain dry and comfortable. They’re highly breathable too, so no clammy feeling when you’re riding hard. At the legs, the raw-cut ending sees thermowelded silicone inside, holding the shorts in place but all without excessive pressure. One area that has remained untouched, after all, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, is the women’s specific Total Comfort seat pad. With continuously variable closed-cell urethane foam, of up to 18 mm in thickness, it provides the highest level of support and vibration absorption. Every detail of the pad has a singular focus on comfort, eliminating chafing and keeping the seat pad dry as you build up body heat. These are the shorts for your all-day sunrise to sunset rides, your multi-day adventures or perhaps that long-distance Gran Fondo you’ve committed to. With their simple styling hiding their impressive performance they’ll look great with any kit choice and keep you comfortable from the first to the last mile.

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