Sportful Neo Bib Tights – Trägerhosen
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Sportful Neo Bib Tights – Trägerhosen

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Made from a flexible brushed-back thermal fabric, the Neo Bib Tights do a brilliant job of holding on to warmth as temperatures edge downwards. While warmth adds comfort on a cold day, the high degree of breathability also ensures sweat doesn’t hang around and cause a nasty chill.  Mesh bib straps hold the tights nicely in place and, in combination with your base layer, allow for excellent temperature regulation so you’re not left feeling too hot nor too cold. Flatlock stitch eliminates areas of irritation too, letting you pedal with smooth, chafe-free comfort.  Comfort Pro Seat Pad Using variable thickness urethane foam padding, the Comfort Pro seat pad provides excellent support in all the right places. A soft microfibre surface is smooth and comfortable against the skin while the antibacterial finish maintains all-day comfort too. Sportful temperature guide Sportful now split the temperature range of their garments into two zones. Each zone signifies a different temperature range depending on whether you’re riding at a slower, steadier pace or more intense, faster pace. This means, for example, tights can be rated down to 0 degrees C if your cycling effort is at a harder and more intense pace where body heat is quickly built-up. However, the same tights will be better suited to slightly warmer temperatures, say 5 degrees C, when your efforts are slower and steadier where you’re simply not generating as much body heat.

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