Sportful Midweight Layer Tee - Baselayer
Sportful Midweight Layer Tee – Baselayer
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Sportful Midweight Layer Tee – Baselayer

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The Midweight Long Sleeve Base Layer forms part of the winter range of base layers but it’s the lightest in the range. The inner face is brushed, creating air pockets that provide insulation against cooler temperatures. But the lack of weight and excellent breathability ensure it deals well with the higher sweat rate of warmer days and higher intensity riding. This long sleeve version adds extra coverage under your long sleeve cycling jerseys and the stretch fabric gives a snug, comfortable fit.  Sportful temperature guide Sportful now split the temperature range of their garments into two zones. Each zone signifies a different temperature range depending on whether you’re riding at a slower, steadier pace or more intense, faster pace. This means, for example, a jacket may be rated down to 0 degrees C if your cycling effort is at a harder and more intense pace where body heat is quickly built-up. However, the same jacket will be better suited to slightly warmer temperatures, say 5 degrees C, when your efforts are slower and steadier where you’re simply not generating as much body heat.

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