Sportful Kids Giro Tights - Radhosen
Sportful Kids Giro Tights – Radhosen
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Sportful Kids Giro Tights – Radhosen

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Taking the edge of colder autumn and winter temperatures, the Kids Giro Tights uses Sportful’s brushed-back ThermoDrytex fabric to retain cycling-generated body heat. The soft and fleecy inner traps air, creating an insulating barrier against the cold. And not just that, it’s also breathable, preventing excess sweat build-up that can lead to feeling a chill.  The high degree of stretch allows for fluid pedalling while flat-lock stitching is used throughout to eliminate any rubbing from seams. An elastic waist keeps the tights firmly and comfortably in place and reflective details add visibility in low light and dark conditions.  Kid Pro Evo Seat Pad This Kid’s specific unisex seat pad offers young cyclists support and comfort when they’re on the saddle. Taking into account lighter bodyweight, it uses a lower-density foam than Sportful’s adult pads, keeping bulk down but comfort up. An antibacterial surface ensures that they finish a ride feeling as fresh as when they started.  Sportful temperature guide Sportful now split the temperature range of their garments into two zones. Each zone signifies a different temperature range depending on whether you’re riding at a slower, steadier pace or more intense, faster pace. This means, for example, tights can be rated down to 0 degrees C if your cycling effort is at a harder and more intense pace where body heat is quickly built-up. However, the same tights will be better suited to slightly warmer temperatures, say 5 degrees C, when your efforts are slower and steadier where you’re simply not generating as much body heat.

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