Sportful Infinium Bib Tights - Trägerhosen
Sportful Infinium Bib Tights – Trägerhosen
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Sportful Infinium Bib Tights – Trägerhosen

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Among the warmest cycling tights in the Sportful range, the Infinium Bib Tights benefit from a complete GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ construction. This high-performance material provides total protection from the chilling effects of cold winds, locking in body heat as you face into the weather. Excellent water resistance also fends off damp, drizzly conditions and the spray from tyres on wet roads. While winter riding consists largely of steady-paced efforts, once you start hitting the hills and headwinds, effort levels are bound to rise. And here the excellent breathability of Infinium also scores points, letting sweat build-up escape quickly before causing discomfort and chills. To the bib section, the stretchy straps hold the tights firmly in place while also offering excellent moisture control. Meanwhile, to the legs, reflective details keep you more visible when your training rides stretch into the evening BodyFit Pro Seat Pad The BodyFit Pro seat pad has been developed with professional cyclists to deliver you long-distance cycling comfort.  Excellent moisture management is achieved by perforating the top layer of foam while the infinitely variable padding thickness places just the right amount of padding exactly where you need it. The anatomic shape and seamless construction work together to eliminate chafing and rubbing as you pedal too. Sportful temperature guide Sportful now split the temperature range of their garments into two zones. Each zone signifies a different temperature range depending on whether you’re riding at a slower, steadier pace or more intense, faster pace. This means, for example, tights can be rated down to 0 degrees C if your cycling effort is at a harder and more intense pace where body heat is quickly built-up. However, the same tights will be better suited to slightly warmer temperatures, say 5 degrees C, when your efforts are slower and steadier where you’re simply not generating as much body heat.

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