Spank Spoon 110 Pedals - Plattformpedale
Spank Spoon 110 Pedals – Plattformpedale
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Spank Spoon 110 Pedals – Plattformpedale

79,99 inkl. MwSt.

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These MTB flat pedals feature an MGR extruded alloy build, which makes them incredibly tough as you ride from trail to trail. Spank has also put these through a CNC optimising process, which shaves off any unnecessary material for a reduced weight, while still maintaining maximum strength. Benefitting from a shot-peened and anodised finish, these offer enhanced fatigue life and additional protection against corrosion during wet riding conditions. Coming complete with 20 steel pins per pedal and chamfered leading edges, these ensure a dependable grip for transferring all of your power as you carve your way around the mountain. Technologies: – Forged Chromoly axle which delivers strength and durability. – 16mm-12mm concave profile with 20 preassembled steel pins for added grip. – Shot-peened and anodised to enhance fatigue life. – Recommended for ASTM 5, all mountain, trail, enduro, free ride, downhill and electric bike. – Sold as a pair. Manufacturer’s Part Number: E02004LA0200SPK

Marke: Spank

Artikelnummer: 107555864

EAN: 4711225690766

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Farbe: Raw Silver / Größe: One Size