Silca Pista Floor Pump - Standpumpen
Silca Pista Floor Pump – Standpumpen
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Silca Pista Floor Pump – Standpumpen

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Resplendently coloured in Silca’s iconic Molteni orange, the new edition does not fall too far from the original in terms of look and reliability, however, a few tweaks here and there have made it more suited to today’s modern tyres and expectations. Both the barrel and piston shaft are made from high-strength steel, allowing for a lifetime’s worth of use and durability, while the Ashwood handle replaces the Bakelite model of old for a more ergonomic and quality feel.  The large gauge on the pump’s wider base is more accurate, measuring pressure to within +/-3% accuracy, with the inflation capacity maxing out at a staggering 220psi. Equipped with changeable hose chucks that allow for both Presta and Schrader compatibility, the upgraded Pista Floor Pump is sure to stand the test of time for another hundred years. 

Marke: Silca

Artikelnummer: 100846537

EAN: 853740005886

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