Santini Women's Stamina Vest - Westen
Santini Women’s Stamina Vest – Westen
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Santini Women’s Stamina Vest – Westen

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The Women’s Stamina Vest is part of Santinui’s Redux family of products, offering you a minimalist approach to cycling performance. And it lives up to this ethos with its pared-back design giving you a lightweight fuss-free bodywarmer you can pull on when conditions are cool and blustery. Made from Ghisallo stretch woven fabric it gives you a streamlined fit so as not to hold you back when speeds are high. To the shoulders and chest, a windproof material prevents cold winds from sapping heat. This is complemented by the insulating Polartec® Alpha® thermodynamic lining inside. Together this combination locks in body heat and won’t let it go.  Two openings to the back of the vest give you easier access to your jersey pockets while reflective details keep you more visible for training sessions that begin or end in low light or darkness. 

Marke: Santini

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