Santini Women's Sleek Raggi Bib Shorts - Trägershorts
Santini Women’s Sleek Raggi Bib Shorts – Trägershorts
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Santini Women’s Sleek Raggi Bib Shorts – Trägershorts

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Designed for the rigours of regular riding and the demands of the most performance-focused cyclists, the Women’s Sleek Raggi Bib Shorts use modern, technical textiles to give a body-hugging fit but optimal flexibility too. Sitip Thunderbike Power fabric gives the shorts optimal levels of stretch and recovery, moving smoothly with every pedal stroke. Excellent abrasion resistance ensures long-term durability too. And with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50, they provide reliable sun protection on a summer’s day.  The seamless elastic braces provide just the right level of support without exerting excess pressure over the shoulders. A mesh back section allows sweat to escape and allows for ventilation. At the thighs, built-in “tattoo effect” honeycomb-shaped silicone grippers prevent your shorts from edging up while riding.  Inside the shorts, the female-specific WC3 Chamois offers an ergonomic fit, providing low-bulk support just where you need it most. This high-performance endurance pad uses multi-density foam and silicone gel inserts to ensure you’re comfortable on the saddle, reducing pressure and providing shock-absorption.

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