ProTaper MTB Stem - Vorbauten
ProTaper MTB Stem – Vorbauten
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ProTaper MTB Stem – Vorbauten

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Whether you’re shredding your favourite local trails with your riding buddies or exploring new routes on your own, this high-quality MTB stem is designed for a tough and secure hold. It features a robust aluminium construction that’s 3D forged for extra strength and machined to shave off any excess material while still maintaining maximum durability. This means that you’ll benefit from its superior strength to weight ratio for reliable steering performance wherever your next trail adventure leads you. ProTaper has also kitted it out with Torx, A2 stainless hardware and a four-bolt faceplate with logo graphics, allowing it to provide a solid interface between your handlebar and steerer tube as well as some extra style. One final highlight is its weighs in at only 175g, making it a great choice of upgrade for riders who want a rock-solid hold without adding any unnecessary excess grams to their ride. On the surface, a stem may look simple, but under that beautiful veneer lies hours of 3D modelling, countless FEA revisions, and tons of real-world ride testing. ProTaper does all of this to make sure you have a light, stiff stem that can handle tremendous forces from every conceivable angle.

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Farbe: Stealth / Größe: 31.8mm 40mm