Ordnance Survey PF (05) Cornwall Guide - Karten
Ordnance Survey PF (05) Cornwall Guide – Karten
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Ordnance Survey PF (05) Cornwall Guide – Karten

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Discover 28 beautiful country walks around Cornwall with the Ordnance Survey PF (05) Cornwall Guide, graded by length and ranging from just over four to 11 ¼ miles. All walks in this book include written directions, an extract of the OS map for the area, and some background on the history and natural environment you may see. Most of the walks avoid busy roads and are designed for day trips and holidays. There are notes on parking, pubs, and things to see on the route. They also handily include GPS waypoints to help you confirm your location. Many of the walks in this guide use sections of the Cornwall Coastal Path, including one that visits Land’s End, a route around Daphne Du Maurier’s estate, and the Saints way. This is one of a series of books with great walking routes covering the most popular and scenic areas of Britain.

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