Maxxis Aggressor MTB WT Tyre - EXO - TR - Reifen
Maxxis Aggressor MTB WT Tyre – EXO – TR – Reifen
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Maxxis Aggressor MTB WT Tyre – EXO – TR – Reifen

44,99 inkl. MwSt.

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With unique knob shaping for extra grip, this tyre’s tread also sports reinforced side knobs for enhanced stability when cornering at speed. Plus, as it is an all-round trail tyre it excels on everything from loose cross-country race courses to heavy all-mountain riding. Technologies: Wide Trail (WT): This construction optimizes the tyre tread layout and profile on today’s modern wide rims. Traditional tyres are designed around older, narrower rims and create and overly square tire profile, leading to less than optimal performance. WT tyres obtain peak performance when used with an inner rim width of 35mm, but are proven to perform exceptionally with rim widths from 30 – 35mm. EXO Protection: Maxxis EXO tyres feature an exceptional cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material added to the tyre sidewalls. This densely woven fabric is very lightweight and is very flexible, which guarantees that the performance of the tyre is unaffected. The EXO Protection is a superb choice for rocky, aggressive and technical trails where the chance of sidewall cuts is high. Tubeless Ready: Tubeless tyres provide many benefits: they offer the ability to run lower air pressures, which dramatically improves traction; it provides a lower rolling resistance compared to when using tubes and a drastic reduction in the change of getting a flat tyre since there is no tube.

Marke: Maxxis

Artikelnummer: 101823404

EAN: 4717784033228

Größe: Black 27.5″ 2.5″

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Farbe: / Größe: Black 27.5″ 2.5″