KMC Lightweight TT 11 Speed Chain - Ketten
KMC Lightweight TT 11 Speed Chain – Ketten
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KMC Lightweight TT 11 Speed Chain – Ketten

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This high-quality 11 speed chain is equipped with some of KMC’s finest technologies, so both road and MTB riders can enjoy faster, smoother performance on their ride. Benefitting from a non-directional design, this model’s assembly is independent of direction, which allows for maximum compatibility, whether your clocking up the miles on your road bike or hitting the trails on your mountain bike. 11 Speed Chain with Ti-N Gold Finish Thanks to X-Bridge technology on this chain’s outer plate, it’s configured with precisely articulated angles for quicker and smoother gear shifting as well as quieter riding. KMC has also equipped it with an eye-catching titanium nitride gold (Ti-N Gold) coloured finish that combats against dirt build-up and corrosion, so you can enjoy a longer chain life. Paired with optimised roller dimensions and pin surface to achieve maximum efficiency, the Lightweight TT 11 Speed Chain is a great choice of upgrade for excellent durability, consistent performance and a reduced weight. Based on an input power of 500 watts the power loss of a standard chain is about 7 to 8 watts. Power loss with the TT chain is 5,5 watts. The optimised coating will last 300-500km before seeing efficiency losses, and potentially even longer under clean riding conditions.

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