e.thirteen TRS+ Crank Arms - Kurbeln (ohne Kettenblätter)
e.thirteen TRS+ Crank Arms – Kurbeln (ohne Kettenblätter)
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e.thirteen TRS+ Crank Arms – Kurbeln (ohne Kettenblätter)

206,50 inkl. MwSt.

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This mountain bike (MTB) crankset is the result of over-the-top thinking by E Thirteen engineers to produce a lighter, stiffer, stronger and more reliable crankset. It features a 30mm spindle which provides a rigid base for the system, while its proprietary P3 Connect Polygon interface creates a more robust, reliable, impact-resistant spindle-arm junction. These TRS Plus cranks sport a one-piece non-drive arm and spindle that moves the spindle to the non-drive side for easier drivetrain maintenance. An adjustable chainline fits both Boost and non-Boost chainlines is achieved by placing spacers inboard or outboard of the chainring. Cranks include an 8mm self-extractor. This makes the E Thirteen TRS+ Crank Arms a great choice of upgrade for off-road thrill-seekers who want to maintain a powerful pedal stroke on every ride, from this light set of cranks.  Item Top Features Continued: Spindle on NDS for easy drivetrain maintenance, adjustable chainline, and 8mm self-extractor Chainring Included: No, available separately Included: Crankset, BB/lockring tool, lockring, APS adjuster, User Manual, and sticker Manufacturer’s Part Numbers: E13CR2014 Black 68mm/73mm/ 175mm E13CR2013 Black 68mm/73mm/ 170mm

Marke: e.thirteen

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EAN: 4710751504103

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Farbe: Schwarz / Größe: 175mm 175mm