Deda Zero100 Shallow Bar - Rennradlenker
Deda Zero100 Shallow Bar – Rennradlenker
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Deda Zero100 Shallow Bar – Rennradlenker

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Manufactured from triple-butted 7075 alloy, the Zero100 Shallow Bar offers the perfect blend of comfort and speed. Whether you’re attacking a descent or spinning up to speed on the flat, they’ll offer a reliable and consistent feel. Evolved Design Ever the perfectionists, Deda has gradually refined the Zero100 bars over the years and this version is a leading light amongst bar designs. Featuring the same RHM (Rapid Hand Movement) as seen on Deda’s top-end Alanera model, they have a shallow drop to make them ideal for distance riding and for those who adopt a high, aggressive out of the saddle climbing and sprinting position. Also to improve hand contact and lever reach, there’s a continuous incremental radius design of the drops, which is designed to overcome the limitations of anatomical shapes.

Marke: Deda

Artikelnummer: 100626049

EAN: 8059265687848

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Farbe: Schwarz / Größe: 44cm