Abus Storm Chaser Road Cycling Helmet - Helme
Abus Storm Chaser Road Cycling Helmet – Helme
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Abus Storm Chaser Road Cycling Helmet – Helme

149,95 inkl. MwSt.

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As with all of Abus’ road helmets, the Storm Chaser Road Cycling Helmet benefits from their In-Mould engineered construction. A durable polycarbonate shell provides every-day durability and this is bonded to an impact-absorbing EPS foam core. The outer shell wraps around the bottom of the helmet for added protection from knocks and bumps. The EPS core also features ActiCage, a reinforcing skeleton inside, allowing Abus to keep the weight low and boost the number of air vents without compromising safety.  Talking of vents, the Stormchaser gets 23 in total. 7 air intake vents and 16 outlet vents are connected via cleverly arranged internal air channels, known as the Forced Air Cooling system. This creates a high degree of airflow across your head, keeping you cool, comfortable and as sweat-free as possible when the heat is high.  To get a comfortable and precise fit is made easier with the Zoom Ace system. With both height and width adjustment, you’ll be able to fine-tune the fit to suit your head shape. And with an overall weight of a mere 240 grams, the Stormchaser isn’t going to be too noticeable once you start turning the pedals. 

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