Abus Mount K Cycling Helmet - Helme
Abus Mount K Cycling Helmet – Helme
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Abus Mount K Cycling Helmet – Helme

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Ride without Limits What’s more thrilling than throwing yourself down some fast-flowing mountain bike trails? It’s fabulous while going well, but as you progress you’re inevitably going to take a tumble. But don’t let that limit or ruin your ride. The Mount K Cycling Helmet is made with an EPS foam core, giving effective shock-dissipation and protection to your head should you fall from your bike. The core is protected via direct fusion of a durable outer, fending off knocks and scratches from any trailside overhang.  The protection also extends further to the back of the head than a road helmet, further enhancing your safety.  It’s Cool Too Once you’re up to speed and building up a sweat, the 15 vents of the Mount K will ensure you’re not left drenched. 5 inlet vents are connected via inner airflow channels to 10 exhaust vents. The result – a rush of air over the head, taking away warm humid air with it.  A good fit is also vital for safety should you crash. And the Zoom Evo adjustment system makes getting a good fit a cinch. A twist of the rear dial and you’ll have a comfortable fit in no time. Abus finish the helmet with reflective details, keeping you more visible on rides that stretch into the evening. 

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