Abus Montrailer Enduro MTB Cycling Helmet - Helme
Abus Montrailer Enduro MTB Cycling Helmet – Helme
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Abus Montrailer Enduro MTB Cycling Helmet – Helme

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The key to the safety and performance of the MonTrailer Enduro MTB Cycling Helmet is its In-Mould technology design. This innovative construction features a shock-absorbing EPS core bonded to a super-tough outer shell. This system provides both excellent head protection should you fall, dissipating impact forces, as well as excellent durability against minor knocks and scrapes from trailside bushes and branches. Extended protection to the rear ensures protection whichever way you fall.  Inside the protective EPS core, the ActiCage system provides structural support and crash integrity, allowing Abus to strip weight, optimise the size of the vents while making no compromises to your protection in the event of a fall. Talking of the vents, in all the MonTrailer’s 12 vents, 5 large inlets and 7 outlets all linked by air channel, provides superb airflow over the scalp, keeping you cool when getting your trail-riding shred on.  Fit and Forget When you’re on the bike a good fit is essential for both your comfort and to ensure safety in a fall. And this is made easy with the Abus Zoom Ace adjustment system. An easy to reach adjustment wheel lets you get the very best fit, offering up all-ride comfort and security in a fall. A semi-enclosing plastic ring connected to the adjustment system also delivers excellent stability, preventing the helmet from moving around as flow, pump and manoeuvre across rough terrain. And it’s ponytail compatible, letting those of you with long hair get a good fit too. 

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