Abus Kid's Smiley 2.1 Helmet Black M - Helme
Abus Kid’s Smiley 2.1 Helmet Black M – Helme
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Abus Kid’s Smiley 2.1 Helmet Black M – Helme

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Safe to its Core As your younger riders take to two wheels, there will be some falls and unavoidable crashes as they build confidence. The Kid’s Smiley 2.0 Cycling Helmet features many of the same technologies as Abus’ adult helmets to keep them safe.  It starts with the In-Mould construction. An EPS foam core provides shock-absorption and impact protection for the head. To this protective core is fused a durable outer shell. This creates a tough cycle helmet, able to take on the daily bumps and scratches of a life lived on two wheels. Ideal for young riders as they go further and faster.  Be Seen. Be Safe. Safety doesn’t end there. Abus have added luminescent reflectors to catch the eye, enhancing visibility in the dark or during the low light of dawn and dusk.  Easy Adjustment.  Getting a good fit is vital. And the Smiley 2.0 makes it easy. The Zoom Evo Kids adjustment system uses a rear dial to give precise control of the fit. An inner ring, made from mouldable and hardwearing plastic, provides a firm and stable fit of the head. The straps also feature easy to operate sliders, allowing you to ensure the helmet is fitted properly and securely. 

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